I’m Sylvain, FRONTEND developer with an UI/UX designer background.

I’m the guy who makes sure your product is set apart from the competition by creating engaging user interfaces and bringing products to life.

Fact about cat

A group of cats is called a clowder.

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My skills set

Creative development




Responsive design






Swimming pool providers, creator of well-being for more than 50 years

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At Bluefino, they are changing the way they are thinking about pool design by making it easier for people to realize their dreams. Their pools are solid, quick to install, modular and ready to use


Electric bikes to create your own fun and comfortable riding

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Ogongo sell a bike to conquer the urban jungle with style and forget the traffic jam. Speed and lightness, everything becomes possible.


Febecoop defends, promotes and supports cooperatives

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Febecoop is an intersectoral platform of companies and associations which shares the will to develop an economy respectful of man and his environment, activated on utility and social equity, by means of companies organized on the basis of values, ethics and cooperative principles.


Steering your business through a changing world

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Nemec+Chvatal is an independent public affairs consultancy situated in the heart of the Brussels EU district.

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